the best Vietnamese Halal food

Vietnam is not paradise for Halal food but there are special dishes for Muslim travellers travelling to Vietnam to try, With more than 70.000 Muslim people in Vietnam mainly living in southern Ho Chi Minh city and surrounding provinces , Travelers easy to find Halal food and Halal restaurant in District 1 near Ben Thanh market, Ho Chi Minh city is the best places for shopping Idol with many Muslim products such as "Tudong Purdah" , "Telekung" , cotton, linen and silk...There are many Halal restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city which served munlty Halal cuisines from many country such as Malaysian cuisine, Indian cuisine , Singaporean cuisine , Moroco cuisine and special Vietnamese Halal cuisine

While Ho Chi Minh city has many choices for Muslim, Hanoi , Da Nang...have not much

There are few Halal restaurant in Hanoi, most supply Indian cuisine such as Little Indian , Namaste restaurant , Tandoor restaurant ,beside that you can try Vietnamese Halal food at Dlion restaurant and Little Indian restaurant...Below information for Muslim travelers easy traveling to Vietnam with Halal food