Taxi car rental to Hai Phong

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Taxi car rental price to Hai Phong city :

Private taxi 4 seater sedan : 1.000.000 vnd

Private taxi 7 seater suv : 1.200.000 vnd

Private 16 seater Van : 1.700.000 vnd

Coach / bus (29/ 35/45 seater) : Please contact us

Car type Hanoi to Hai Phong :

4 seater TAXI : Toyota Vios , Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent…from 9000 vnd / km

7 seaters TAXI : Toyota Innova , Toyota Fortuner , Isuzu Mux… from 10.000 vnd / km

16 seater Van : Ford Transit , Hyundai Solati…from 13.000 vnd / km

29 seater coach : Hyundai County , Samco, Thaco…

35 seater bus : Universe , Samco, Thaco garden…

45 seater bus : Universe , Thaco, Samco…

Distance between Hanoi to Hai Phong districts :

Do Son – distance 115 km – 2 hours drive

Duong Kinh- distance 125 km – 2 hours drive

Hai An- distance 125 km – 2 hours drive

Hong Bang- distance 110 km – 2 hours drive

Kien an- distance 100 km – 2 hours drive

Le Chan- distance 110 km – 2 hours drive

Ngo Quyen - distance 125 km – 2 hours drive

An Duong- distance 105 km – 2 hours drive

An Lao - distance 95 km – 1,5 hours drive

Cat Hai - distance 130 km – 2 hours drive

Kien Thuy – distance 120 km – 2 hours drive

Thuy Nguyen - distance 115 km – 2 hours drive

Tien Lang - distance 100 km – 1,5 hours drive

Vinh Bao - distance 100 km – 1,5 hours drive

About Hai Phong province : Hai Phong is another city just like Hanoi and Saigon that has significant French influence on the city’s layout and architecture. People might know about Hai Phong’s tourism for its renowned Cat Ba island, or Do Son beach, or just a stop on there way to Ha Long bay. However, the centre city of Hai Phong which may be deemed unpopular to tourists has many interesting things to discover.

Just 100 kilometres away from the capital on the northeast, 65 kilometres away from Ha Long city, Hai Phong would surprisingly be your favourite destination.

If you want to visit Cat Ba island and Do Son beach, summer is the best time to visit Hai Phong. And because of the winter from October to February, Hai Phong isn’t really worth visiting during this time.

Top recommended attractions in Hai Phong :

Hai Phong City Center : Unlike Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong doesn’t have a series of great historical sites or large-scaled museums organized close to each other. Therefore, a city tour from the travel agent is not available. However, Hai Phong is a very interesting destination where you can find a peaceful yet dynamic atmosphere here. The city doesn’t have more than 3 millions of population so you can expect the traffic much more relaxing than Hanoi and HCMC even in rush hours. Being about 20km from the beach, a large and clean lake right inside the centre and a lot of rivers, all these things make the air of the city always clean and cool. The park near Tam Bac lake is well decorated with a lot of trees, flowers, and fountains. There are some lovely kiosks for souvenirs, cafes and restaurants on the sidewalks. The two famous sites of the city which are also the symbols of Hai Phong are pretty close to each other: the Opera House and statue of General Le Chan. The Grand Opera House was built with a Baroque style of architecture and is one of three opera houses in Vietnam built by French in the 20th century. The house is not as splendid as opera houses of Hanoi and Saigon, yet it boasts a simple and elegant beauty. Very frequently, outdoor music shows or exhibitions or festival performances are held in front of the Opera House for everyone come to see for free. In another hand, the statue of the legendary female general Le Chan shows both beauty and power of Vietnamese women at war in the very early days. Erected in 1999, the statue weighed 19 tons of black brass with a height of 7,5 meters has been considered as the symbol of Hai Phong.

Tam Bac lake : Tam Bac Lake is a long and clean lake, situated right at the centre of the city. In every evening, especially weekends’ nights, many people come to the lake to enjoy the classic and romantic scene and water music shows for free (on holidays). Local government has renovated the lake and its surroundings a few years ago to make the lake cleaner and more beautiful. You will have a very pleasant time here.

Female General Le Chan : There is also a park full of trees, flowers where many youngsters choose to gather for picnics and group’s activities. A lot of cafes along the streets on both sides here you can enjoy. The famous Sat (Iron) Market is also near where you can find all things you need.

The French architecture is still maintained in the area called “western streets” which are now used for government’s buildings. Biking around this quiet and beautiful area is a nice experience, too.

Do Son Beach : Do Son was one of the favourite sites of King Bao Dai and he even built a mansion here to stay in summer. In the past, before tourism in Vietnam in general and Hai Phong particular bloomed with rapid development, Do Son is known as one of the best beaches in the north with a long coast and countless restaurants, cafes and hotels/hostels. However, Do Son was outplayed by many other beaches because its sea water is not as blue. In recent years, with the attempts of local government to attract more tourists, Do Son now has a new appearance with cleaner sea water, more beautiful settings and especially the newly opened Hon Dau resort full with many games and activities.

Do Son is about 20km away from city centre on the east. The road is in good condition. The beaches are backed by 9 mountains of the Dragon Range making the peninsula harmonious scenery of mountains and sea. Each of the three beaches of Do Son has its own charm. The first beach is near to the town, the second is close to many hotels and the further beach has a quiet atmosphere . Besides beaches, Do Son has many other things to keep tourists staying longer like the casino, Hon Dau resort, Bao Dai’s mansion and still under construction Hoa Phuong island. Hon Dau is pretty pricey with ticket for adults 150,000VND and for children is 70,000VND. Do Son has some fine pine hills where would be great sites for picnic or camping.

Cat Ba island : Cat Ba is 1 hour away from Hai Phong by speed boat equivalent to 30 kilometres. If the south has Phu Quoc the name “pearl island”, the north also gave Cat Ba the same title. The island is indeed the top destination of Hai Phong, outclassed Do Son in fame. Come to Cat Ba, you will enjoy not only the clean, green sea water and the white sandbanks of Cat Co 1,2,3 beaches but also the primitive nature of Cat Ba national park. Lan Ha Bay and fishing villages like Cai Beo and Van Gia are also worth visiting, along with trekking at Cat Ba National Park. Cruising tours to Lan Ha bay and trekking tours to the national park and Viet Hai village are available with very reasonable prices. Lan Ha bay is also a great place for caving, kayaking and scuba diving while there are many games and activities available on the Cat Co beaches. Cat Ba town has some fine restaurants with a wide range of dishes but the prices, especially during peak season, are not cheap. The same thing goes for accommodations.